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Refractory pre-formed shapes and parts

Why refractory pre-formed shapes?

  • The advantages of the manufacture and use of the pre-formed castable blocks are mainly due to the fact that:
  • The technology enables the manufacture of intricate shapes that can’t be manufactured by pressing.
  • Shaping moulds are cheaper than pressing moulds and thus even short runs of the pre-formed shapes can be manufactured.
  • New types of castables provide high homogeneity and likewise strong chemical resistance and mechanical properties (low porosity, high strength and abrasion resistance).
  • It is possible to produce bulky and weighty blocks, thus enabling the speedy building of thermal equipment.
  • Castable pre-formed shapes retain their dimensions with a high degree of accuracy, and in practically the whole range of operational temperatures.
  • Pre-formed shapes may be dried at the production site, and chemically bound water may be released by firing.
  • The greatest advantage remains the significant speeding up of the production or repair of the linings.

The assortment of castable shapes:

Iron - and Steelmaking

  • Pocket blocks
  • Runners for Induction Furnaces
  • Hearth blocks for Walking Beam Furnaces
  • Impact plates for Ladles

Foundry and Casting of Nonferrous Metals

  • Pocket blocks for Ladles
  • Ladle tiles
  • Cupola tiles
  • Runners for Induction Furnaces
  • Roofs for Furnaces and Hoods for Ladles
  • Funnels, Tubes, Partition walls and Other shapes in contact with molten Metal
  • Suspended bricks for Zinc Melting Furnace

Power Plant Boilers, Waste Incinerators, Fireboxes

  • Burner blocks for Gas- and Oil Boilers
  • Inlet Wall of Fluidized-Bed Boiler Cyclones
  • Blocks for Biomass Combusting Boilers
  • Blocks for Wood Boilers
  • Various Shapes for small Fireboxes (Boilers, Stoves and Fireplaces)
  • Various Blocks for Cremation

Ceramic, Cement and Lime Industry

Brick Tunnel Kilns:

  • Pre-formed parts of Roofs and Side Walls, Burner blocks, Kiln car blocks for Cover and Edge

Ceramic Kilns:

  • Burner blocks, Kiln car blocks, Shapes for Electric Kilns

Rotary Kilns:

  • Burner Lance Jacket, Special blocks for Build-up Zone and Cooler, Anchor blocks

Glass Industry

Pre-formed shapes for Pot and Tank Furnace Building:

  • Front blocks (Tweel blocks), Working holes, Burner tiles, Seats, Tank blocks, Feeder blocks and Other various parts of Pot Furnaces

Small castable helps for Pot Furnaces:

  • Stoppers and Shields, “Melting Cakes”, “Beaks”, “Half-cakes”, “Glory Hole Cakes”, etc.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

  • Burner Tiles for Heaters
  • Burners and Heads of Incinerators
  • Acid-resistant blocks for Incinerators
  • Manhole blocks

Burner Blocks

For All Kinds of Industry Furnace

Special Parts and Configurations

Various linings, installed in our plant directly into delivered steel jacket of Thermal Unit:

  • Combustion Chambers
  • Ducts
  • Transport Ladles
  • Hoods and Doors of Furnaces

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