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All products of the process of external certification in Technical Examination Institute of Construction and Prague, sp, a branch of Pilsen. Throughout the period of validity of the certificate is carried out periodic supervision of the proper functioning of the system of production control and monitoring compliance with the requirements for products. Based on the results of surveillance of the Declaration of Conformity issued by current legislation.
Concurrently with the internal quality control of raw materials and finished production in order to ensure that quality parameters of the material sheet product with the parameters of the finished product. All control procedures based on existing standards CSN.
After an evaluation of all laboratory tests at the request of the customer is the quality of the product exposed Testimonial

15.6.2017 : Recertification of The Quality management system CSN EN ISO 9001:2016


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Blast Furnaces
Dry Castable Mixes
Industrial Application
Refractory preformed shapes